Installation Services

Installation Services include:

☼ Heating
☼ Cooling
☼ Indoor Air Quality
☼ System replacements
☼ New construction
☼ Additions
☼ Remodels

Comfort Guy Inc. is an independent Trane dealer and features Trane products, but also offers equipment from most manufactures. To help insure your satisfaction we will perform a comfort analysis to match you with the correct comfort system for your home and lifestyle. You receive a free Comfort Guy Card with any new comfort system we *install. To ensure that you are getting the best comfort system for your home, needs, wants and budget we offer you this FREE Choose Right Guide.

Comfort Guy Card

In addition to the precision tune-up you receive the following benefits:

☼ Priority Customer status
☼ Standard filters for the term of system use (6 months/up to 3 filters)
☼ Bi-monthly email and/or snail mail reminders to change your filters
☼ Printed maintenance log of any services performed by the Comfort Guy Inc. upon request
☼ Free diagnostic trip during regular service hours
☼ Free estimates on Comfort Guy system installations
☼ 15 % discount on the regular cost of all services, including purchase of your annual Comfort Guy Card
☼ One year service warranty on new comfort systems *installed by Comfort Guy
☼ Agreement may be transferable

Because the Comfort Guy Card entails a very high level of customer service we limit the number of these agreements to 150 annually.

* See agreement for terms and conditions. Equipment must be supplied by Comfort Guy. Services and benefits vary depending on type of equipment.