Real Estate Services

A standard in the residential real estate industry is having the heating system cleaned and certified. Why wait for the home inspector to make a negative note on the inspection report? Our unique three step program let’s you purchase the cleaning, and upgrade to a certification later only if you are requested to do so. Then when you really want to put that potential buyer at ease let them know they can upgrade to our exclusive Comfort Guy Card
service agreement.

Step one Cleaning (Tune-up) includes:

Precision Tune-up – a thorough cleaning and inspection* of your forced
air comfort system.

☼ Safety System checks
☼ Ignition System checks and cleaning
☼ Blower System checks and cleaning
☼ Control System checks
☼ Efficiency System checks and cleaning

Step two Certification includes:

☼ Video camera visual inspection with 10x magnification during system operation
☼ Professional, detailed inspection and Certification documents.

Step three The Comfort Guy Card includes:

In addition to the precision tune-up you receive the following benefits*:

☼ Priority Customer status
☼ Standard filters for the term of system use (6 months/up to 3 filters)
☼ Bi-monthly email and/or snail mail reminders to change your filters
☼ Printed maintenance log of any services performed by Comfort Guy Inc. upon request
☼ Free diagnostic trip during regular service hours
☼ Free estimates on Comfort Guy Inc. system installations
☼ 15 % discount on the regular cost of all services, including purchase of your annual Comfort Guy Card
☼ One year service warranty on new comfort systems *installed by Comfort Guy Inc.
☼ Agreement may be transferable

* See agreement for terms and conditions. Equipment must be supplied by Comfort Guy Inc. Services and benefits vary depending on type of equipment.