With summer on it’s way the cost of electricity will rise with the temperature. We encourage you to make your home energy efficient. Maintaining your existing heating and cooling systems and purchasing new energy efficient systems can help you do that.

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Maintenance Specials

Did you know that regular comfort system maintenance can reduce home energy costs?
Are you getting all the savings benefits of your high efficiency system? Just like your vehicle your comfort system needs regular tune-ups to run safely and efficiently. We feel this is so important we have created a Good Maintenance Program. If you had a Comfort Guy Inc. Precision Tune-up in the last 13 months you qualify. If not start your Good Maintenance program by scheduling your Precision Tune-up now.

With warm weather approaching you might be thinking about summer-izing your evaporative cooler. Once the temperature consistently stays above freezing at night you can uncover, clean, fill,and connect at the water line source. Don’t forget to turn on the circuit breaker.

Please use caution when performing these activities. If you haven’t and don’t want to mess with it, we can summer-ize your cooler for you.

Installation Special

Let us customize your comfort system and payment needs. We have deferred interest and low monthly payment financing available when purchasing a custom designed complete comfort system.

Restrictions apply. Sale and ID verification required with approved financing by GE Money.

There have been many advances in system efficiencies in the past ten years addressing both gas and electricity usage.

Did you know you could be saving between 10 % and 59% on your home heating and cooling annual cost by properly sizing and upgrading your equipment to a high efficiency system?

Schedule your FREE comfort analysis appointment now.

Some of the questions we would like you to consider are:

* Are there any areas in your home that get too warm or too cold?
* Does anyone in your home suffer from asthma or airborne allergens?
* Do cooking odors linger?
* Does your home get too dry certain times of the year?
* Is the outdoor unit accessible to children or pets?
* Is the filter easy to change?
* Is the existing system noisy?
* Are you concerned about future energy costs?
* What repairs have been done on the system?
* Have you had any experience with contractors in your home?

To help you get the right comfort system for your home check out our Choose Right guide.Don’t delay let us custom design a system to help you create your ideal home environment today!